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Obama and Romney volunteers in last minute dash for vital votes


Obama and Romney volunteers in last minute dash for vital votes

It may be the era of the internet and expensive television adverts but you can’t beat time honoured door-to-door canvassing for those vital votes.

With the presidential race in the final straight, volunteers are turning out to persuade, cajole and encourage every last supporter.

Both camps are targeting the crucial swing states where this election will be decided – Obama’s unprecedented “get-the-vote-out” operation worked for him in 2008 and it is a lesson not lost on the Republicans.

Professor of Political Science, Danny Hayes said:
“Whether one of the campaigns is more effective at turning out its voters, given that the election is extremely close, we’re on a razor’s edge right now, that could ultimately be the decisive factor on election day. And both the Romney and Obama campaigns I think are spending a lot of time right now making sure that their base of supporters get out and vote.”

With just days to go, both sides claim their efforts have led to an advantage in early voting numbers- which could amount to more than a third of all votes cast. But whether a real advantage exists won’t be known until the election on November 6.

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