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It is business as usual for both presidential candidates as Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama use the last few days to try and shore up their support.

After their storm-induced break both are once again hitting the swing states – Romney is headed for Wisconsin and Ohio today following up yesterday’s visit to Virginia.

“Would you want four more years with 23 million people looking for a good job?” Romney asked supporters at a campaign rally. “Would you want four more years with declining earnings and rising taxes? Would you want four more years with a trillion dollar deficit every year?”

Obama is going all out for Ohio which has not backed a losing presidential candidate since 1960. He aims to visit the state on each of the last four days while returning to Wisconsin after yesterday’s trip.

“We know what’s going to help the middle class, we know what is going to grow jobs, we know what is going to reduce the deficit and let me tell you, what Governor Romney is offering sure is not it.”

Jobs will again be in focus today when the government releases the October unemployment figures. This could be one of several boosts for Obama, yesterday he received the surprise endorsement from New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

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