Mini queues for iPad mini in Asia

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Mini queues for iPad mini in Asia

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Apple loyalists queued across Asia to get their hands on the company’s new iPad mini, yet crowds were down previous global rollouts.

It is thought the price of the device is an issue for consumers as similar rival technologies are available for less cash.

Still in Seoul, South Korea, fans took a bite from the latest Apple offering:

“I came from Incheon. I bought an iPad mini after waiting one and half hours. I am really happy. I was using an third generation iPad, but it was a little too heavy. IPad Mini is lighter, so I bought it,” said one happy customer.

In Hong Kong, Apple’s flagship store was relatively quiet compared to previous launches with staff outnumbering clients.

Unveiled last week, the iPad mini has had a relatively good press, but the screen is considered inferior to rivals and the price too high for something that replicates its full-sized relative.