World's narrowest house opens in Warsaw

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World's narrowest house opens in Warsaw

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An artist’s workspace has opened in Warsaw and has been hailed as ‘the World’s Narrowest House’.

The structure, situated between two apartment blocks, is about 120cm at its widest point and 71cm at its narrowest. It recently opened its hatch door to the first of a series of invited residents, Israeli writer Edgar Keret.

The project PR manager explains just how many people the house could accommodate, referring to Poland’s communist past where large families were forced to live in tiny apartments.

“In the narrowest house in the world, you know, we tried up until now, we tried seven or maybe eight people, you know, it was crowded, it wasn’t comfortable, but you can do it, you know, actually, it’s possible. Basically, this house is designed for a maximum of two people,” said Maciej Kawinski.

The two-story aluminium and plastic house comes with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and eating area. The 15 square metres of total floor space does not actually fit Polish building codes, so it is classed as an art installation.

“You can get used to it, you know. The kitchen is extremely small, it’s really small and not comfortable. I have bruises, you know, bruises on my head because of the shelf above the kitchen,” laughs Kawinski.

The architect plans for the installation to stay in place until 2016 and has said that it will be inhabited by a string of artists, writers and musicians throughout, and demonstrate that we can survive with much less living space.

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