Romney restarts his campaign in Florida

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Romney restarts his campaign in Florida

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Appearing on the stump in Florida, US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney held back from his usual slew of attacks on Barack Obama. He staged a show of strength in what is the most populous swing state in the US, where polls give him a narrow lead.

His muted rhetoric is a sign of how the campaign has adjusted out of respect for the victims of Sandy:

“As you know, we’re — we’re going through trauma in a major part of the country. A kind of trauma you’ve experienced here in Florida more than once. And — and it’s interesting to see how people come together in a circumstance like this. We see folks from all over the country step forward and — and offer contributions, you see up on our screens, way to give to the Red Cross. So, please, if you have an extra dollar or two, send them along and keep the people who are in harm’s — have been in harm’s way, who’ve been damaged either personally or through their property, keep them in your — your thoughts and prayers”.

But other Republican speakers at the event, including former governor Jeb Bush, did not hold back.

The race is neck-and-neck with polling due to take place on the sixth of November.