Hollande, Netanyahu visit 'Merah' school in Toulouse

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Hollande, Netanyahu visit 'Merah' school in Toulouse

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French President François Hollande and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday visited the Jewish school in Toulouse where a gunman shot dead four people earlier this year.

Mohammed Merah gunned down a French Israeli rabbi and his three young children outside the Ozar Hatorah school in March.

“Jews in France should know that the Republic will do everything to protect them. Guaranteeing their safety is in our national interest,” Hollande said.
“It’s not an issue for Jews, but for all French citizens. This guarantee should be a priority in all schools, because no child should be scared of going to school.”

Netanyahu warned Jewish people would not be persecuted, before breaking into to song to sing “Israel will live”.

Mohamed Merah, a 23-year-old French citizen of Algerian origin, went on a ten-day killing spree that claimed a total of seven lives before he was shot dead by police.

He said he had been motivated by French foreign policy and a recent ban on the full veil.