Dozens killed in Saudi tanker blast

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Dozens killed in Saudi tanker blast

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Dozens of people have been killed and an estimated 100 others injured after a fuel tanker crashed into a motorway flyover in Saudi Arabia.

The accident happened in an eastern district of the capital Riyadh.

State television reports that the accident triggered a fuel leak and explosion that brought down an industrial building.

The structure, which was several stories high, was almost flattened by the blast. It housed a heavy machinery company.

Several vehicles and nearby buildings were also damaged. Dozens of people are still missing.

Authorities say at this stage, they do not believe there is a terrorist connection.

A Saudi civil defence official said the driver of the truck swerved into the flyover after failing to spot an accident ahead.

More than 100 emergency workers are combing the area for other victims. Officials expect the death toll to increase.