US look to get back on track after Storm Sandy

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US look to get back on track after Storm Sandy

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Millions of Americans are trying to get their lives back to normal after Storm Sandy wreaked havoc across the country’s northeast.

With six days to go until the presidential election, the current Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama will visit the worst-affected parts of New Jersey later.

In New York, dozens of homes were destroyed at Breezy Point in the Queens district due to heavy flooding.

Authorities said La Guardia airport will remain closed today, but the city’s two other hubs, JFK and Newark, are open again.

Trams and ferries in the Big Apple have resumed services and the majority of the city’s bridges have also reopened.

Many New Yorkers travelled to work on foot today as the shutdown of the subway system continues.

The subway sustained the worst damage in its 108-year history owing to heavy floods.

New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg said authorities were working around the clock to get the network up and running again.