Poland denies explosives downed Kaczynski plane

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Poland denies explosives downed Kaczynski plane

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Prosecutors in Poland are denying explosive material was found in the wreckage of the plane crash that killed former president Lech Kaczynski two years ago.

A newspaper report of the discovery of TNT and nitro-glycerine has aroused suspicion – especially from the opposition led by Kaczynski’s twin brother.

Describing the Smolensk crash that killed 96 people, including the Lech Kaczynski’s wife, as a “heinous crime”, Jaroslaw Kacynski accused authorities of clouding the issue.

“Military prosecutors say there haven’t been any explosives found in the wreckage. But then they say there are still tests to be carried out, there are still questions, still doubts and so on. It all looks like a swindle to us,” he said.

The newspaper later retracted the story, but the damage had already been done – further fuelling conspiracy theories that are popular with the right in Poland.

Criticising Jaroslaw Kaczynski for accusing the government of murder and calling for its resignation, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said: “It is totally unacceptable that the leader of the opposition, using false information in the press, is, in fact, devastating public life in Poland and the Polish state.”

The plane came down as it tried to land in heavy fog near the Russian city of Smolensk in April 2010.

Polish authorities have been criticised after last month admitting a mix-up with some of the victims’ remains.