NJ family evacuated to makeshift shelter

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NJ family evacuated to makeshift shelter

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Byran Sotello is one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who has been forced to leave his home by Cyclone Sandy.

The retired father-of-two is taking refuge in a temporary shelter with his family.

He is about to bed down for the night before going to check on his house on the New Jersey coast.

His wife, Renée, said: “It is the first time that we have actually come to a shelter. It’s that bad, that big and it’s scary…I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

Early on Tuesday morning, Bryan gets in his car and makes the journey to Toms River. He is relieved to find that his house has not been damaged.

Bryan was forced to stop work due to a back injury and his wife is unemployed.

They cannot afford flood insurance. If the Sotello family had lost their house, they would have lost everything.

The high winds and heavy floods are like nothing they have ever experienced before.