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  • MH370: unidentified material washed up on the Australian coastline is being investigated for possible links to the Malaysian jetliner
  • EU calls on Russia to use its leverage to ensure immediate end to kidnappings and killings in eastern Ukraine (Reuters)

The Internet, especially social networking sites, has been close abuzz with the latest information and updates when Hurricane Sandy first beat down on the northeast US coast.

People on the ground have posted thousands of impressive pictures and videos of the havoc wreaked by Sandy, which has now been downgraded to a ‘Superstorm’.

US Space agency NASA has released a set of pictures including this take of the storm seen from the International Space Station.

YouTube offers a live coverage on the evolution of Sandy throught the Weather Channel available here.

According to the Instagram photo app blog, users have “been sharing photos from the storm, at a rate of nearly 10 each second, with the hashtags #hurricanesandy, #sandy and #frankenstorm.”

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