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Ukrainian nationalists still fearful of vote fraud

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Ukrainian nationalists still fearful of vote fraud


Ukraine’s nationalist Freedom Party has downplayed its strong showing in the country’s parliamentary elections.

Leader Oleg Tyahnybok told euronews that now was not the time to celebrate its best-ever result, suggesting that the ruling party may fraudulently try to alter it.

“We have to remain cautious. We cannot celebrate now. All these celebrations could lead to (the authorities) cutting our result by half or even doing unimaginable things to our party,” he said.
“We all know it: Ukraine is not a democratic country where basic values are commonplace, like they are in Europe. In Ukraine, anything could happen.”

The far-right group picked up more than 12 percent of the vote, ensuring that it will secure more than one seat in parliament for the first time.

Tyahnybok has previously branded Viktor Yanukovich’s presidency as a “Kremlin colonial adminstration” and maintains a strong anti-Russian stance.

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