Calm before the storm as US prepares for Hurricane Sandy

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Calm before the storm as US prepares for Hurricane Sandy

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In New York, it is quite literally, the calm before the storm as an eerie, deserted atmosphere descends over a city preparing for Hurricane Sandy.

Forecasts predict it will be the largest storm to hit mainland America when it arrives on Monday night.

Joining many businesses on the east coast, the New York Stock Exchange will remain closed for a second day on Tuesday, meaning Wall Street will experience only its second weather-related disruption in 27 years.

Emergencies have been declared in nine states – with the likes of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania on high alert.

US President Barack Obama has already authorised federal relief work.

Part of the National Guard has been deployed in New York.

Winds of 30 kilometres an hour and torrential rain have already caused flooding in New Jersey and the popular tourist destination of Jersey Shore has been evacuated.

Sixty-six people across the Caribbean have died due to Hurricane Sandy.