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  • A Polish court has adjourned the hearing in the case requesting the extradition of filmaker Roman Polanski
  • Bomb explodes at a Shite Houthi mosque injuring 13 people – The Islamic State has claimed responsibility (Reuters)
  • A suicide bomber has exploded a device in a mosque in Saudia Arabia killing and wounding several people – Reuters
  • Rafa Nadal, nine-time winner of the French Open, is seeded No6 could meet Novak Djokovic in the semi final this year
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A surge in early voting has upped the momentum in President Barack Obama’s campaign. Opinion polls show he has a lead of 54 percent over Romney’s 39 percent among those who have already cast a ballot.

Early voting and extended voting hours are thought to benefit Democratic candidates because lower-income people, who tend to vote for the party, are more likely to work odd hours.

But aware the national polls show the election remains as close as ever Obama is leaving nothing to chance.

Friday he spent the day doing a round of interviews including appearing on MTV to talk about climate change and job opportunities to try and capture the youth vote.

Meanwhile his Republican challenger Mitt Romney was drumming up support in another swing state this time Iowa. He dismissed Obama as a shadow of his former self and a leader who wants to protect the status quo and has no plan for the weak US economy.

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