Halloween poll puts Obama ahead

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Halloween poll puts Obama ahead

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The real race between Romney and Obama may be chillingly close to call but if sales of Halloween horror masks are anything to go by then Obama will retain the keys to the White House.

According to Spirit Halloween, the country’s largest seasonal retailer, Obama masks have been outselling those of his rival by almost 2-to-1.

One shopper in the Alexandria, Virginia store said:
“They’re pretty funny. It’s like…Obama doesn’t really…like smile that big. It’s like … what? It’s like he has oversized teeth. And then Romney just looks like he is just fat.”

“With Obama masks, we have been selling slightly more than Mitt Romney, which is almost kind of interesting, because that’s what the projections are for the election itself,” added the store owner.

Halloween Spirit has good form. It has correctly predicted the winner of the presidential race since 1996, and with a record 170 million people planning to celebrate Halloween this year, its findings can’t be ignored.