10th anniversary of Moscow theatre siege

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10th anniversary of Moscow theatre siege

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A memorial has taken place for the 130 victims of the October 2002 Dubrovka theatre siege and the rescue operation that followed.

Chechen militants stormed the stage and held the audience and actors hostage for three days, until Russian security forces took control and shot the terrorists.

But the victims’ families claim most of the deaths were caused by gas pumped into the building during the rescue.

Lawyer Igor Trunov represents them. “People were generally not killed by the terrorists. Only a few people died at their hands. The majority, almost all, were killed by the actions of the government. So, of course there must be an appropriate investigation,” he said.

Trunov and his clients took their case to the the European Court of Human Rights last year, which ruled for 1.3 million euros of compensation from the Russian state.

The victims’ families also want to push for convictions for the officials involved.

There has so far been no criminal investigation in Russia into what happened. The government has always refuted the claim that the gas was dangerous.