White House candidates get in the swing of it

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White House candidates get in the swing of it

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Two weeks ahead of the US election, the presidential candidates are continuing their whirlwind tour of nine potentially decisive swing states.

Republican Mitt Romney told voters in Nevada he is counting on their support: “So the Obama campaign is slipping and shrinking. The President can’t seem to find an agenda to help America’s families. Our campaign is a growing movement across this country where people recognize we’re going to build a better future for the American family, for every family in this great country. We’re coming together with more power, more energy. I’m counting on you, you guys here, I need you to vote.”

Democrat Barack Obama continued his whirlwind tour of eight states in two days with a pitstop in Denver, Colorado; “I am going to stop in Chicago to vote before this 48-hour day is done”, he told the crowd,“I can’t tell you who I am voting for, it’s a secret ballot. But Michelle says she voted for me. That’s what she said.”

Election day is on November the 6th and with the polls predicting a close-run race, the candidates have it all to play for in these nine swing states.