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Italy, Switzerland and Austria have banned the sale of anti-flu vaccines by Swiss drug-maker Novartis.

The move follows a report by Novartis of small particles in the vaccine. The pharmaceutical giant has said it is confident its flu vaccines are safe.

Anne-Claire Siegrist, President of the Swiss Vaccination Commission, said the jabs are not dangerous:

“The only potential risk, as we’ve seen in past years with the flu vaccine, is that particles can cause a slightly worse inflammation in the hours following the vaccination.”

When asked what she advises patients who have already had the vaccine, the president of the Swiss Vaccination Commission said:

“Those who’ve already been vaccinated have nothing to worry about, there is nothing to date that gives us any reason to think there is a problem. But just to be sure, we are asking doctors to wait a day or two or three until we can say, for sure, that there is nothing to worry about.”

The move comes as drug-makers are struggling to meet demand in Switzerland, where it is estimated only 1 million of 1.3 million doses ordered will be delivered.

The vaccines concerned are Agrippal, Fluad and Influpozzi.

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