Ousted Dalli threatens legal action

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Ousted Dalli threatens legal action

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John Dalli is considering legal action over the circumstances in which he was removed from his job as European Health Commissioner.

He resigned last week after the EU’s anti-fraud office OLAF linked him to a Maltese businessman accused of trying to influence tobacco legislation.

Dalli says he has done nothing wrong and that his lawyers are urging court action:

“They (the lawyers) would lead me on the actions that I should be taking and which court I should be taking, because I have the choice of Malta, Brussels, Strasbourg.”

Dalli stepped down after a Swedish tobacco company said it had been approached by a businessman allegedly linked to the ex-commissioner, with a view to amending future anti-tobacco laws.

Dalli says he is the victim of a conspiracy: “I think that there was a plan for this to happen, I believe that more light will be shed when this report by Olaf will be accessible to me.”

Our correspondent in Brussels, Fred Bouchard, said: “The war of words between John Dalli and Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso continues. In a letter addressed to the ex-commissioner Barroso has confirmed his resignation was ‘irrevocable’.”