Crowds surround parliament building in Madrid

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Crowds surround parliament building in Madrid

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Crowds of angry protestors have surrounded the Parliament building in the centre of Madrid, where politicians are meeting to thrash out next year’s budget plan.

The popular protest was assembled via social media. A huge banner was unfurled, calling for the government to resign.

Others left handwritten signs calling for more protests. All of this was watched closely by the police.

Among the demonstrators was Alberto Garzon from the United Left Party. “This is not a conflict between nations,” he said, “it is a conflict between rich and poor. Poor people in Germany are being affected in the same way as poor people in Spain, Greece and Portugal.”

And while the protestors gather outside, inside the politicians are debating next year’s spending cuts.
The government of Mariano Rajoy is battling to reduce its deficit from 8.9 percent of GDP last year to 6.3 percent in 2012 and 4.5 percent next year.