Apple hopes less is more for new gizmo

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Apple hopes less is more for new gizmo

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The computer giant Apple has released a new product that was once famously derided by the company’s late visionary Steve Jobs.

It is a mini tablet with an eight inch screen, something Jobs once believed was too small to be practical.

At 329 euros, it is considerably more expensive than the market leaders, the Kindle Fire from Amazon and Google’s Nexus 7.

Senior writer for CNET, Maggie Reardon said: “We got exactly what we had thought we were going to get: the iPad Mini came in and I think the only little surprise there was maybe the price. Some people were hoping it was going to be a bit cheaper than it was.

“With Apple they have the big 10 inch tablet and then they have the iPod Touch and it looked like they needed something in the middle there,” she went on, “because a lot of their competitors are going for that market. So you’ve got Google with its Nexus 7 tablet and also the Kindle Fire. And those products have sold really well.”

The Nexus 7 won high praise from reviewers and ran out of stock after its launch in July. But analysts said Google and Amazon are selling their goods at virtually cost and they believe Apple’s price could temper demand.