US Debate: Viewers give post-fight opinions

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US Debate: Viewers give post-fight opinions

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Before the two candidates went toe-to-toe in the debate, they were neck-and-neck in the US presidential race and both knew there was all to play for.

On TV sets across American people were watching the high stakes showdown, hoping for a knock-out blow, or an own goal.

Euronews’ correspondent in Washington DC, Stefan Grobe travelled to a sports bar to see what people thought of the debate:

“I think Barack Obama has a little bit of an advantage in general, because he has always been an excellent speaker, and I think tonight he didn’t disappoint,” said one woman.

Another viewer gave the bout to Obama: “My first impression is that Obama took this debate. I think Mitt Romney was very eloquent and being conceptual, but concepts aren’t enough.”

But it was not a walk-over and some thought the Republican candidate scored the most blows: “Governor Romney is going to do a great job and hopefully will be our next president,” said another man.

With the end of the third televised debate a crucial part of this year’s presidential campaign is now over. The Americans voters, undecided or not, have two more weeks to make up their minds.