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'Skyfall' opens in London

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'Skyfall' opens in London


The 23rd official Bond movie has just been released, and ‘Skyfall’ is, in the 50th year of the franchise, one of the best-ever – if the critics are to be believed.

Daniel Craig returns in his third outing in the dinner jacket and bow tie, and the cast is also beefed up, with a heavyweight bad guy in Oscar-winning Javier Bardem.

“It’s been a great pleasure and a ride, and to just sort of have the premiere here tonight is kind of insane. I mean, I have been to quite a few big premières but this I think tops them all,” said main man Daniel Craig.

Dame Judy Dench, returning again as ‘M’ takes a more central role in the film, which is set in Shanghai, Istanbul and London, with the British capital the scene for much of the action.

Bardem has enormous fun playing the uber-villain in a blonde fright wig, and there is the usual quota of glamorous, maybe dangerous women, and fast cars to keep the fans happy.

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