Eight years later, Irish boy makes new pen friends

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Eight years later, Irish boy makes new pen friends

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A ten-year-old Irish boy has made two new unexpected pen friends.

Oisin Millea found a message in a bottle from two young French Canadian girls on a Waterford beach.

The letter, written in French, took eight years to make its way to the shores of Ireland.

The young man was the centre of attention in school the next day when he proudly showed off his discovery.

The note had been signed by Charlene and Claudia, who were aged twelve at the time.

They talk about their holidays in the Quebecois village of Grand Vallee from where they let their letter set sail in a plastic Sprite bottle in July 2004.

Oisin and his fellow pupils are now trying to track down the senders of the message.

The boy has already sent an email to the pair, but their address appears to be no longer in use.