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Ginger and Rosa

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Set in 1960s Britain, Ginger and Rosa is a new drama from director Sally Potter, starring Elle Fanning and Alice Englert as two best friends.

The pair had great on-screen chemistry but didn’t even know each other before they signed up for the film.

Alice said: “We never met during the auditioning process. We tested for Sally, Elle in L.A., me in London, without her knowing whether or not we were going to be Ginger and Rosa but she spliced together our auditions to get us to do the scene together, so we’d done a scene together before we’d even met and that’s how she decided to cast us.”

Elle added: “We had a connection and we’d never even met.”

As the threat of nuclear war looms larger in the girls’ lives, Ginger’s parents’ relationship falls apart and Alice becomes Ginger’s father’s lover.

While reviews of the film have been mixed, Fanning has garnered praise for her performance and British accent.

Ginger and Rosa is now playing at cinemas in the UK.

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