Iran rejects report of US nuclear talks

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Iran rejects report of US nuclear talks

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Iran has denied that it is planning to hold direct talks with America over its disputed nuclear programme.

It comes after the New York Times reported that Washington and Tehran had agreed in principle to take part in one-on-one negotiations.

The White House has also rejected the claims.

Israel says it would welcome talks, if the aim is to stop sanction-hit Iran building a nuclear weapon.

“Surely the sanctions are very heavy, very effective and I see the sanctions as a positive,” said Yuval Steinitz, Israeli Finance Minister.

“If because of the sanctions the Iranians are trying to negotiate this is a good sign. But of course what is really important is the result of any talks,” he continued.

According to an article in the Iranian state newspaper the Iran Daily, six million people with serious illnesses are suffering because of the sanctions. A health official is quoted as saying that imports of medical supplies have been severely affected.

While the US and other Western powers accuse of Iran of attempting to develop nuclear weapons, Tehran says it is enriching uranium only for peaceful purposes.