UK: Savile paedophile inquiry becomes criminal

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UK: Savile paedophile inquiry becomes criminal

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The mounting claims of child sex-abuse levelled against the late BBC presenter Sir Jimmy Savile have turned into a formal criminal inquiry.

The image of Savile as a national treasure who dedicated his life to helping others was shattered in recent weeks when a rival UK television channel broadcast claims from women that he abused them when they were as young as 12.

More than 200 potential victims have since come forward.

John Cameron of the children’s charity, the NSPCC, said: “Jimmy Savile appears to be (sic), on the evidence we have, a prolific organised sex-offender and has preyed on a number of young girls and other children over a large period of time.”

The claims build a picture of the flamboyant broadcaster, who died in 2011, operating freely as a paedophile for many years.

The BBC has started an inquiry into claims that abuse took place on corporation premises.

Savile was undoubtedly one of their biggest names and questions have been raised about whether managers turned a blind eye to his illegal activities.

A second investigation centres on a report into Savile by the BBC’s own Newsnight programme, that was dropped last year.