Spain education strike leaves lessons disrupted for third day

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Spain education strike leaves lessons disrupted for third day

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Parents and teachers joined the third and final day of student protests in Spain on Thursday over proposed cuts to the education budget.

Rallies were held in several cities to demand that austerity measures, that have seen the number of classroom teachers shrink, be reversed.

Student unions say assistance for students from low income backgrounds has been reduced while tuition fees have been hiked.

“More than three million young people have showed with this fundamentally democratic action that they won’t allow the Popular Party’s government to destroy public education,” said Tohil Delgado from del Sindicato de Estudiantes.

Around 5 billion euros has been cut from the education budget since 2010.

Last month, the government revealed its tightest budget yet in a bid to cut the deficit.

With more than 50 percent youth unemployment and the highest school drop-out rate in Europe, Spain’s leaders are facing increasing discontent over the severity and speed of their debt reduction plan.