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Austerity-hit Greece set for economic comeback: PM Samaras

18/10/12 00:43 CET

Greek Prime Minister Antonio Samaras on Wednesday vowed that his government will honour its commitment to austerity.

Samaras told a meeting of the centre-right European People’s Party in Bucharest that the measures will get Greece’s economy back on track.

“Greece is now changing,” he said. “Changing the trend as well as its own fortune. Form a symbol of a failed political system to a spectacular come-back.”

The Greek premier, however, stressed that further reform was necessary as the country “cannot survive unless we regain our competitiveness.”

Those remarks came as representatives from Greece’s international lenders agreed on fresh cuts that are aimed at unlocking more bailout aid.

Inspectors from the so-called troika received a hostile reception from protesters in Athens.

They will brief EU leaders at a two-day summit in Brussels, which starts on Thursday.

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