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UN: Rwanda defence minister ‘commanding Congo rebellion’

17/10/12 14:43 CET

A UN report says a rebellion in the Democratic Republic of Congo is being commanded by Rwanda’s defence minister.

The Security Council’s Group of Experts also accuse Uganda of supporting the M23 insurgents in their six-month conflict with Congolese government troops.

The fighting has displaced nearly half a million people.

During a series of attacks in July, the M23 killed a UN peacekeeper and fired on a UN base. The report says units from the Rwandan and Ugandan armies jointly supported the rebels.

Rwanda has effectively “annexed” eastern Congo thanks to the rebel force, say reports quoting one diplomat.

Uganda is accused of sending troops and weapons and helping the M23 from Kampala.

A report in June claimed Rwanda was backing the insurgents; the new one gives more details.

Rwanda has admitted backing armed movements for years in the DRC, saying it needed to tackle Rwandan rebels operating from Congo’s eastern hills.

But both Rwanda and Uganda have strongly denied the accusations of involvement in the internal Congolese conflict.

A Rwandan diplomat accused the UN experts of pursuing a political agenda.

The fighting has displaced nearly half a million people.

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