Students revolt across Spain

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Students revolt across Spain

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Thousands of students protested against education cuts on Wednesday.

On the second day of a three-day secondary school strike, University students joined in to protest against the rise in tuition fees and the reduction of scholarships.

The measures are part of the country’s austerity package designed to reduce the public deficit.
Irene a 21-year-old student said:

“It is shameful the same people have to pay for someone elses fraud. So we are here to demand that we have the right to education because every year workers pay tax for a public education and public health.”

The debt crisis has hit the young hard in Spain, where more than 50 percent of 19 to 25-year-olds out of work.

Protests continue to mount as concerns grow that the government might soon need to seek European aid to get its borrowing costs under control.