Roma stage public rally against far right in Hungary

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Roma stage public rally against far right in Hungary

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Hundreds of Roma have marched in eastern Hungary in a rare public protest against discrimination.

Angry at a planned rally by the far right against them, they shouted “down with Jobbik” in reference to the opposition party. Banners read “we want peace, law and order and a Hungary without Nazis”.

Leaders said they thought it was time to stand up for themselves after years of hostility. It was said to be one of their biggest demonstrations for several years.

Large housing estates in the old industrial town of Miskolc have seen an influx of destitute Roma from the surrounding countryside.

Long-time residents have despised their new neighbours who admit there is an integration problem.

The evening saw the planned march by the far right movement take place.

Jobbik said it wanted to denounce a sharp rise in what it called “Roma crime” in the area, adding that government budget cuts had left no room to pay for public safety.

A local party leader said they’d received daily requests to do something, and co-existence between the two communities had become unbearable.

The far right party has a significant presence in the national parliament with 45 seats out of 386.