Debate reaction from Washington: Obama on fighting form

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Debate reaction from Washington: Obama on fighting form

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In the US capital, where more than 90 percent voted for President Barack Obama in 2008, the reaction of many to his first debate performance was disbelief and disappointment. Republican challenger Mitt Romney was widely considered to have won the initial round.

But customers in a Capitol Hill bar told Euronews Washington Correspondent Stefan Grobe that the second debate was very different.

One woman said, “I really think that Obama did better than he did in the last debate. But I still think that Mitt had a little bit of an edge over him.”

“Governer Romney is a very good candidate and he is a good man. But President Obama is better for the country for what we have to do right now, honestly,” was the view of another voter.

The President put in a robust performance. “I think Romney contradicted himself a few times and Obama was much more coherent on what he was actually going to achieve, whereas Romney was just more vague and less specific”, one man told Euronews.

Obama and Romney will face each other again next Monday for the final debate, forcused on foreign policy.