Catalonia looks for a boost from Scots' charge

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Catalonia looks for a boost from Scots' charge

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The news from Scotland has been heard loud and clear in Catalonia, where on Monday regional leader Artur Mas said he would be holding his own referendum on independence in the four years following November’s regional elections.

It seems many are saying that where Scotland goes, Catalonia can follow.

“It might serve as an example and a reference and it might add some impetus to our awareness as we need a date here too for our referendum. The sooner the better,” said one man, in Catalonian.

“It’s not the time, what with all that’s going on at the moment. Everyone in the EU is in trouble, and I think the best way out is being united,” said a Spanish-speaking woman.

Mas also warned Madrid, which says it will contest the legality of a referendum in court, that if it blocks a vote he will take Catalonia’s case to Brussels. Polls suggest a majority of Catalonians now support independence from Spain.