Agreement puts Scotland independence referendum in 2014

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Agreement puts Scotland independence referendum in 2014

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Scotland will vote on the issue of independence in 2014.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond came to an agreement which paves the way for the referendum in two years’ time.

Scots as young as sixteen16 the ballot, with the exact wording to be finalised by the Scottish parliament at Holyrood.

Expressing his satisfaction with the agreement, Cameron said: “…we end the uncertainty, we put beyond doubt Scotland’s position, either within the United Kingdom, as I hope, or separating itself from the United Kingdom. One single simple question, that for me was always the key.”

The vote represents the fulfillment of the SNP leader’s mandate after his party won a landslide in last years’ general election.

“Do I believe that independence will win this campaign? Yes I do. And I believe we will win it by setting out a positive vision for a better future for our country both economically and, crucially, also social. And it is that vision of a prosperous and compassionate society, a confident society moving forward in Scotland, which will carry the day,” said Salmond.

The deal has been dubbed the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’.

Howeveer, the UK government’s insistence on a single question has upset some in Scotland who were hoping to be able to vote for more devolution, meaning more powers for Scotland’s parliament, rather than a splitting of the 305-year union.