Lithuania goes to the polls in general election

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Lithuania goes to the polls in general election

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Lithuanians will vote in a general election on Sunday that is expected to lead to the ousting of the country’s centre-right government.

Opinion polls suggest the centre-left Social Democrats and the Labour Party will replace the Conservatives and their Liberal allies as the Baltic state’s ruling coalition.

They have promised to hike the minimum wage and tax the rich more.

A non-binding referendum on plans to build a new nuclear plant is also being held in tandem with today’s general election.

Voter surveys suggest two-thirds of Lithuanians are opposed.

Lithuania closed its last nuclear plant in 2009; one of the conditions of its EU entry.

It has no competitive means of producing it’s own electricity and the government says it imports 80 percent of all its energy supplies from Russia.

Lithuania is suing Russian state giant Gazprom 1.4 billion euros, accusing it of charging above-market rates.