Mali, DRC head agenda at 14th Francophone summit

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Mali, DRC head agenda at 14th Francophone summit

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Secretary-General of the more than 70-nation Francophone French-speaking world, Abdou Diouf, has opened the 14th summit by demanding what he called Africa’s “rightful” seat on the UN Security Council.

The conference was opened by French President François Hollande the day after the UN gave the African Union 45 days to draw up a plan for intervening in Mali, cut in two following a takeover of the north by Islamic militants.

“I equally want to direct the attention of the French-speaking community to what is happening in Mali, a French-speaking country, where terrorism has entrenched itself in the North. Once again we must affirm our determination to fight against terrorism and guarantee Mali’s territorial integrity,” said Hollande.

The summit, held in Kinshasa, also concentrated on the ongoing violence and massacres in North Kivou province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the UN recently accused Rwanda of helping rebels, a charge Rwanda denies.