Syrian refugees flee Azmarin fighting

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Syrian refugees flee Azmarin fighting

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Dozens of Syrians refugees crossed the border into Turkey on Thursday to flee fighting in their hometown of Azmarin.

There are now nearly 200,000 Syrian refugees living inside Turkish territory.

Tensions are high between the two neighbours after shelling by Syrian troops killed five civilians in Turkey last week.

On Wednesday, Turkish jets forced a Syrian plane coming from Moscow to land in Ankara.

They were acting on an intelligence tip-off that the Airbus A320 was carrying illegal cargo.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Syrian Air plane had “ammunition and defence equipment on board.”

Syrian state news agency Sana said Erdogan’s comments “lack crediblity” and called on Turkey to provide proof.

Officials in Damascus also allege the passengers and its crew were mistreated by Turkish authorities.