YouTube announces 60 new channels at MIPCOM

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YouTube announces 60 new channels at MIPCOM

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Stars from television and the other sectors of the entertainment world came to Cannes for one of the world’s most important TV markets.

MIPCOM is an event for co-producers, buyers and sellers, financiers and distributors of television series and other entertainment content.

YouTube has just announced the launch of 60 on demand channels – like The Jamie Oliver Food Channel and fashion-focused, Carnaby Street-set FASHTAG – in Europe.

YouTube is content-hungry and in return it can offer distribution. Founded just seven years ago, it sees itself as more than a platform for funny videos.

Christophe Muller, Director of the YouTube partnership, said: “Today what we want to do is continue to support our original fans and give them the chance to create and to be a real catalyst for creation, that’s what’s important.

“At the same time we already work with several traditional media, such as Euronews, which is already a partner and which uses the platform and its tools for broadcasting its content around the world, because you know we have more than 800 million unique visitors around the world, 27 million in France, for example, this month.”

And those 800 million users watch a staggering four billion hours of video.

Despite the economic crisis, YouTube has seen advertising revenue increase, thanks to the company’s successful optional advertising policy – skippable adverts. Advertisers only pay when their ads are watched and users only watch what interests them.

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