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Spain’s budget cuts threaten Erasmus exchange program


Spain’s budget cuts threaten Erasmus exchange program

The fiesta is over. In 2013, the Spanish ministry of education will slash 60% from its contribution to Erasmus financial aid for Spanish recipients, a cut close to 21.5 million euros.

Between 2011 and 2013, the cumulated decrease will amount to 75% of the budget (47.5 million euros). In the meantime, the overall budget for education will have been cut 31%.

In 2013, each Erasmus scholarship recipient will recieve between 100 and 120€ per month from the ministry, a spokesperson said.

Two others contributors fund the Erasmus financial aid scheme. The European Union gives 133€ per month to Spanish recipients. Autonomous communities of Spain also help their students; for instance Catalonia gives local recipients 200€ a month.

Spain, with almost 36,200 recipients is the country that sends the most students in Europe. It is, however, also the country that welcomes the most Erasmus students, about 37,500 per year.


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