Greek joblessness hits 25 per cent and rising

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Greek joblessness hits 25 per cent and rising

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One in four people in Greece are now out of work with unemployment running at a rampant 25 per cent with things likely to get worse.

The jobless rate has more than tripled since the country’s five year recession began in 2008.

Greeks are now braced for another round of searing cuts as the government prepares further austerity measures.

“Generally I don’t think that there is anything out there. It is all a joke. They have been toying with us for more than 20 years. Money exists for the few.”

The spending cuts are touching nearly all sectors of Greek life and anger continues to fester. Earlier hundreds of pupils and students congregated outside the Greek Finance Ministry to complain about a lack of school buses.

Chants of the “scoundrels drive around in limousines.” in reference to government ministers filled the air.