Mixed reactions in Venezuela to Chavez re-election

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Mixed reactions in Venezuela to Chavez re-election

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As soon as the news of President Hugo Chavez’s re-election came out street parties sprung up across Venezuela’s capital, Caracus.

His supporters danced, cheered and let off celebratory fireworks overjoyed that their man would serve another term in office.

One supporter said: “I’m full of joy and happiness because Commander Chavez won, the commander of the poor, who came to save this country.”

This is a tremendous result for Chavez who was battling cancer until a few months before the election.

But after 14 years in power some were less happy on hearing the news:

“There are no words right now. Right now we need to be calm and believe that Venezuela can move past this dictatorship that President Hugo Chavez has brought on us,” said a supporter of opposition challenger Henrique Capriles.

As long as his health does not fail him Chavez now has a mandate to continue with his socialist reforms until 2018.