Venezuela election: Chavez bids for fourth term

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Venezuela election: Chavez bids for fourth term

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An estimated 19 million Venezuelans vote in Sunday’s presidential election. The poll is seen as a critical test of Hugo Chavez’s 14-year rule.

The 58-year-old has promised to continue his self-described socialist revolution if he wins a fourth term. Most polls suggest he will but it is set to be a close battle

Chavez has been accused of being autocratic. His opponents say the ceconomy is weak, despite Venezuela being a major oil producer.

And then there is his battle with cancer which he kept hidden from the world for many months. Chavez says he’s now fully recovered.

His opponent Henrique Capriles has focused his campaign on the issues of rising crime and inflation.

He’s been more visible campaigning in many parts of the country. Some commentators think the 40-year-old could steal the election at the last moment.