Humanitarian ship sails to challenge Gaza blockade

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Humanitarian ship sails to challenge Gaza blockade

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A crowd of well-wishers have seen off a Swedish ship laden with humanitarian goods as it set sail from Naples to Gaza.
The Estelle and its cargo are part of the Freedom Flotilla Movement.

It is the latest attempt by pro-Palestinians to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza which it says is there to prevent weapons from getting through.

“This action comes from people to people, from me, as a human being, as a mother, as a grandmother to other mothers and grandmothers that have children and grand-children and I think they have the same right to live in a normal way as I have,” insisted Dr.Victoria Strand from ‘Ship to Gaza’.

Seventeen activists are on board the Estelle, however they stress the initiative is a purely peaceful one. Two years ago a similar voyage ended in tragedy when nine Turkish nationals were killed in a confrontation with Israeli commandos.