UK students shake off debts with painted faces

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UK students shake off debts with painted faces

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Two British former students who described themselves as crippled with debts a year ago say they are back in the black after selling their faces to advertisers in the meantime.

Thanks to a bit of imagination – and some crafty work with an old-fashioned paintbrush – graduates Ross Harper and Ed Moyse have managed to pay off the 60,000 euros they owed between them.

“What Ed and I really hope to do is perhaps to inspire other young to just give it a go because now the job market is really difficult, now is the best time. It’s the perfect time, if you’ve got an idea to just try it out because what are the other options?” said Ross Harper.

The visual entrepreneurs published photos as ad space on their website Visitors who click on the faces are directed to the advertisers’ websites.

The once-indebted ex-students now say the loan sharks have swum off.

It is not clear whether they intend to make a career out of painting their faces.