UK police draw blanks in search for missing April Jones

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UK police draw blanks in search for missing April Jones

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Police and rescue teams in central Wales have spent a fourth night searching for April Jones, a five-year-old girl who went missing on October 1.

Forty-six-year Mark Bridger continues to be questioned over her disappearance.

Police have until later this evening to keep the former soldier, suspected of her abduction, in custody.

The little girl went missing while playing outside home in the village of Machynlleth on Monday.

British Prime Minister David Cameron called on anyone with any information to contact police:

“My heart just goes out to April’s family. This is every family’s nightmare, clearly having this happen to you. So my appeal would be to everyone: If you know anything, if you saw anything, heard anything, have any ideas you can bring forward – talk to the police. Help this family find their lovely child.”

Hundreds of volunteers have come forward to help search for the girl in an area surrounded by thick forest and mountains:

“The days are going on now. What is three or four nights? It is time we found her,” said one anxious villager.

As a mark of support to the family the close-knit community have adorned the village in pink ribbons as a sign that the search for April continues.