European Commission launches Single Market II

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European Commission launches Single Market II

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There is a renewed push to boost the cross-border flow of people and business in the EU.

Two years after the first phase of the Single Market Act, the European Commission has tabled a second phase, with 12 further proposals.

Observers say the crisis in the eurozone has prompted further deregulation in a bid to boost jobs and stimulate growth.

The EU Commissioner for internal markets Michel Barnier predicted that five of the 12 proposals could be adopted by the end of the year if the political will is there.

The proposals focus on four main areas of growth: integrated networks, cross-border mobility, the digital economy and the reinforcement of consumer benefits.

Speeding up the opening up of European airspace is one of the key aims.

Paying for goods online is also set to become easier. The Commission estimates 35% of citizens currently avoid this due to a lack of familiarity.