Have Italian archaeologists found the real-life Mona Lisa?

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Have Italian archaeologists found the real-life Mona Lisa?

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Italian archaeologists searching for the remains of the real-life Mona Lisa have found two more skeletons.

The two bodies were found under the basement of a former convent in Florence on Tuesday.

The team believes Lisa Gherardini, said to be the model in Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous piece, is buried there.

“If everything goes as planned, we will find Gherardini and with her skull we will be able to reconstruct her face thanks to sophisticated, new technology,” said Silvano Vinceti, the head of the National Committee for The Promotion of Historic and Cultural Heritage.

A total of seven skeletons have been discovered since the excavation began in April.

Even if the latest find turns out not to be the Mona Lisa, researchers have vowed to keep digging.

The oil portait is believed to have been painted by Da Vinci between 1503 and 1506.

It is currently kept at the Louvre museum in Paris.