Georgia election victor outlines his political strategies

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Georgia election victor outlines his political strategies

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Euronews correspondent in Georgia, Sergio Cantone met Bidzina Ivanishvili to talk first about his domestic political strategy and his role after reforms have been implemented next year.

“I plan to become prime minister, and according to the new Constitution of Georgia, the prime minister is the leading figure in the country,” he explained and then outlined how he plans to work with the EU and NATO as well as with Russia.

“Of course at the initial stage it will be quite contradictory, but we need to make those relationships work as we are not going to change our strategy towards the European Union and NATO. We need to learn from the experience of other countries such as the Baltic states. They have entered NATO and the European Union as well as having managed to normalise relationships with Russia. That is going to be difficult for us but not impossible.”

The 56-year-old billionaire who only entered the political arena last year also talked about holding French citizenship and his business interests. The full interview will follow later.