EP mission in Ukraine to be suspended during election

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EP mission in Ukraine to be suspended during election

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The European Parliament will suspend its mission overseeing the appeal of former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoschenko until after elections in Ukraine on October, 28.

Convicted of abuse of office and sentenced to seven years in prison, Tymoshenko is currently being held in a Kharkiv hospital.

The EP mission, which is also looking into the treatment of other opposition figures in Ukraine, has identified that major reforms are needed.

The EP probe began in June and reporting on its findings so far, former president of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski said: “It is necessary to change laws and to reform the judicial system.

“They need to resolve the most difficult political question regarding Yulia Tymoshenko and opposition leader Yuri Lutsenko, who are both in prison.

“The situation in such countries as Ukraine is not comparable to the one in Poland, for example. Because Ukraine spent 70 years as part of the Soviet Union, so all the changes must be very profound. That demands time and effort from Ukraine’s government and parliament.”

Hospital authorities deny Tymoshenko’s claim that she is due to be discharged and transferred back to prison.